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“The forage production for this year ran very well.

The flooding we faced last year has been overshadowed with a great season.

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Q: What does the forage industry represent in Wyoming?
KEITH: Hay production is the number one agronomic crop produced in the state. In dollars generated, it is second only to the beef industry and a lot of the hay our growers produce goes directly into that part of our economy, so it really plays a leading role in the top two ag industries in Wyoming.

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What crops are part of your total forage production?

“Most of our forage production is based in haylage and corn silage which is produced for our dairy cows. We also grow ryelage, wheatlage and sudangrass which is generally used as part of our dry cow and heifer-feeding program.

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For Richard Martin, raising hay is about as easy as falling off a tractor seat
For many producers, it takes a lifetime to figure out what niche they will fill in the vast world of forage production.

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Q. What is your background in the forage industry?

A. I grew up on a dairy farm in central Minnesota.

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What is quality forage production?

“We like to have a nice, green end product that was cut at the right time and stored properly.

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