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Thom Mueller, the 2012 winner of the Ontario Forage Masters Program, grew up in a small town just outside of Ottawa, Canada.

His parents, who are now semi-retired, worked hard to build a foundation for the family farm where he now lives with his wife, Wilma, and two daughters, Mikaela and Cassy.

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We had some wonderful entries for the third annual Progressive Forage Grower Hay Bale Decorating Contest. The votes have been tallied and we have our top three winners!

First prize goes to John and Leona Flemmer from Golden Valley, North Dakota. They have been decorating hay bales since 1990.

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The Bouffard family is seldom idle. Alain & Pauline Bouffard live in Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec, Canada, and together with their 12 children, and many more grandchildren, they grow and harvest over 300,000 small square bales and 6,000 large round bales a year.

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When Loren McIntyre was 17 years old, his father passed away, leaving young Loren in charge of managing the family dairy farm.

Now at age 55, the Caldwell, Idaho, man looks back to see how much things have changed.

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Mitch Baltz used to feed hay more than 100 days every year, just like most Arkansas cattle producers.

Today, he feeds hay less than 50 days a year. Some of the bales in his barn have been there for five years.

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“It’s a learning process,” Butch Lay said as he sat at his kitchen table, “and I don’t know how steep the learning curve is, but it’s a definite learning process for me personally because you’re learning to do things that they used to do years ago as far as crop rotations.”

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