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In your own words... What is the key to extending the quality of silage?

Published on 22 July 2010
Nick Aldering

“For us, the key to having good silage that keeps is getting our bunkers covered quickly and with good compaction.

Labor can sometimes get in the way of having the process run smoothly, so it is critical to stay on top of what is happening in the field and at the bunker all the time.”

Nick Aldering
Cambridge, Minnesota

 Tony Gual

“Our operation relies on good packing density and applying a good preservative to make the best silage we can. My brother is the one who does the packing for us and it is key to have the right person who understands how to do it the best way to make good silage.”

Tony Gaul
Holy Cross, Iowa

 Daniel Goodman

“The key for us to having good forage quality is using a bagging system. They are quite inexpensive and we lose very little to spoilage. We can also bag it as wet as we want and still keep the quality up, so in our area I don’t see using anything else.”

Daniel Goodman
New Sharon, Iowa


 Gary Holdgrafer

“We have found that a good inoculant is really important to keep the silage from overheating. It is cheaper for us to go with bunkers, but if we don’t get it treated right, we can quickly end up with a lot of feed that isn’t what we were counting on. We also keep the bunker face cleaned off and have enough cattle to keep it from spoiling once it is opened up.”

Gary Holdgrafer
Bryant, Iowa