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In your own words...How did your 2009 forage season end up?

Published on 11 November 2009

“The forage production for this year ran very well.

The flooding we faced last year has been overshadowed with a great season.

I am not sure what our final tonnage per acre will end up at, but the cooler season has given us a superior haylage crop and the corn silage looks like it will be better than last. We are happy that the year has gone as well as it has.”

Jolean Putz
Avoca, Wisconsin

“This year we have more hay than we know what to do with. It has been a wetter year, so both quality and quantity are up this year.

We are seeing more of it head out to buyers, but with the economy as it sits, we will probably not see all of it spoken for, for quite awhile to come. Overall, it was better than average for us.”

Caleb MacKinnon
Thorntown, Indiana

“In our area, I would say we will end up with a good year. The weather helped us out a lot this year to get the crops we needed.

Even though it was a little cooler than the last few years, it looks like most growers are going to have what they need to make it through the winter without having to bring in too much extra feed.”

Matthew Scott
Blanchard, Wisconsin

“It has been pretty good. Some of the farms are a little behind with the weather, but most growers are starting to see their fields finish up.

The hay crop was up for us, especially due to some late-season rain, so I think if the silage gets in before we get too much rain or snow, we will be sitting better than we have the past few years.”

Matt Stark
Greenwood, Wisconsin