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In your own words... What is quality forage production?

Published on 07 August 2009

What is quality forage production?

“We like to have a nice, green end product that was cut at the right time and stored properly.

It is also important to have a good initial stand of alfalfa and then follow it with proper soil testing to make sure it continues to produce well throughout its lifetime.”

Ron Burnett
Paragon, Indiana

“Quality production starts out with a crop that isn’t touched with moisture from cutting to storage. The customers we deal with are very particular about quality and keeping it high and dry makes or breaks our crops.”

Richard Carter
Lubbock, Texas

“Good quality production means having the best product for our customers. Because we produce for the horse niche market, we need to make sure there are no weeds, no mold and that the final product is clean, fresh and palatable.”

Cory Kuehl
Horicun, Wisconsin

“It is really important to me to balance out good yield with high quality. Weather really can get in the way of production goals some years, but we do our best to avoid problems. We also work with soil pH and fertility to make sure our crops have what they need to perform their best.”

Louie Stieglitz
Greenwood, Wisconsin