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In your own words...What is the most important part of alfalfa production?

Published on 05 June 2009

What is the most important part of alfalfa production?
“The harvest because that is when most things go wrong.

Really, in our area it is the weather related to harvest time. We use computers, radio, television and anything else that can help us get the hay down and back up again without rain. If we can do that, we feel pretty lucky.”

Ed Kalis
Mount Pleasant, Michigan

“When it comes to raising alfalfa, having the cash flow to keep everything moving is critical to our operation. Without the money moving, it really doesn’t matter what you have out there in the field – you have a hard time doing anything with it.”

Shane Marsh
Bluff City, Kansas

“I would have to say the timeliness. From the first cutting to the last baling off the field, you have to be at the top of your game. If you miss something or get rained on in the process, you are going to end up with a product you can’t do what you intended to do with.”

Jarod Haas
Seward, Nebraska

“The timeliness of the cutting is critical because you’ll never put it up until you get it down. If you are looking for top dollar for your crops, quality is critical and without well-timed cuttings, you will never have it. I would rather have higher quality with fewer tons than more tons and lower quality.”

Martin Freed
Loomis, Nebraska