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In your own words... What crops gain the most with alfalfa rotations?

Published on 09 April 2009

What crops gain the most with alfalfa rotations?
“We are primarily in dry-land country, so we use alfalfa in rotation with our wheat acres. It has been great as a soil-builder in addition to providing cheap nitrogen.

On the irrigated acres, we typically run alfalfa and corn. It works well for us as we are trying to utilize our crops with the beef cows we raise and sell the excess.”

Brian Dunn
St. John, Kansas

“For our operation, weed control is one of the biggest reasons we utilize crop rotations, and with alfalfa, we are able to suppress weeds that can become a problem with crops that come and go in one season.

We haven’t used alfalfa long, but we are finding it to be a good mix with the other crops we work with.”

Frank Rist
Humboldt, Nebraska

“Alfalfa is one of the best rotational crops there is. It provides reduced compaction, improved tilth and has the added benefit of giving back nitrogen to the soil. I can’t think of another crop that gives growers that many benefits for the following crop. Nothing else compares.”

Derek Carlson
Scandia, Kansas

“Alfalfa is an excellent rotational crop with our corn and soy. The corn we ran this year that went into our old alfalfa fields had minimal fertilizer and still ran over 200 bushels an acre, even on our dry-land areas.

I don’t see how anyone cannot see the benefits of having alfalfa as a rotational crop with corn and soy.”

Ryan Allemann
Wayne, Nebraska