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0208 FG: In your own words . . . What will be happening with your hay acreage in 2008?

Published on 09 April 2008

“Our hay acres will remain the same as our hay ground is not under irrigation.Several people in our area with sprinklers are pulling out their hay to put in corn, but we currently don’t have that option.

I am actually looking forward to this year as it looks like our hay will sell well with the changes in store for 2008.”

Doug Peterson-
Gothenburg, Nebraska

“Our hay acres will be going up because everyone around us tearing up their alfalfa. We feed most of our hay to our own dairy cows and I can’t risk loosing any acres with so much around us being converted to corn. ”

Stacy Snodgrass -
Royal, Nebraska

“I haven’t seen a lot of change yet in our area, but with corn prices going up, I can see several people around me converting over to corn. I have several established customers that I will continue to service with my hay, so I will try to continue to meet their needs for now.”

Scott Larson -
Stromsburg, Nebraska

“My hay acres will be going down because of the net return I can get with corn. I will be converting between 500 and 600 acres over this year and then look things over for 2009. It really comes down to what pays the bills and corn looks good for 2008.”

Bernie Wrede -
Pierce, Nebraska  FG