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In your own words...What was the best and worst part of operating in 2008?

Published on 09 February 2009

What was the best and worst part of operating in 2008?

“The best part for me was the weather. We didn’t have any rained- on hay, and the timing was good for all cuttings. Not too much went wrong with the year.

The market fell off at the end of the year, which is a consideration headed into 2009, but we will just have to wait and see what happens.”

John Pratt
Aberdeen, Idaho

“The best part was price. The price went through the roof. The worst part was water, and I am concerned for the future of alfalfa in the California Central Valley.

Some areas are looking a little better headed into 2009, but it is an issue that will not be going away anytime soon for growers throughout the area. If water allocations remain the same, it will be tremendously difficult to continue.”

Sean Howard
Firebaugh, California

“Prices for hay were definitely the best part. They were the highest I have ever seen. The worst part was the fertilizer prices and other inputs it took to get the crop finished off.

I think things are going to soften somewhat in 2009, so hopefully the costs will also come down with the lower prices I am expecting to get next year.”

Elar Jenkins
Tonopah, Nevada

“The best part was the prices we received. The worst part was three things: too much rain when the hay was on the ground; army worms and aphids; and the third thing was the fertilizer prices went through the roof.

Prices will probably soften, but if we can get some freezing temperatures for the insects and fuel prices to fall, we should still be OK.”

Justin Boswell
Dexter, New Mexico