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Forage Production

Whether you graze, chop, ensile, bag or bale forage, we offer practical information for your hay, silage and pasture needs.


Bunker silos and drive-over piles offer several advantages for large dairy farms. Low initial cost, low maintenance, high storage capacity and rapid filling are common advantages over upright silos or silo bags. However, proper management of these structures is key to optimizing forage preservation and animal productivity.

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Editor’s Note: The following is an interview with Larry Matlack of Matlack Farms. Matlack discusses how wrapping bales has benefitted his business.

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Droughts occur due to large-scale phenomenas that alter the normal weather patterns in a region and result in less precipitation and, often, higher temperatures than normal. When rain or snow is scarce, there is less water to recharge groundwater, feed streams, fill reservoirs and lakes and grow crops, among other things. The impact of drought on people and all living things can be devastating.

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