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Video: Fencing tips and tricks

Published on 15 December 2014

You’re in your easy chair with your boots off, settling in for the night after a good supper, just starting to doze off when the neighbor calls, “Hey, your cows are out.”

Brad Ross, from Pasture Management Systems Inc., from Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina, would like to help you keep that phone call from coming. Check out these videos where Ross demonstrates tips and tricks for building electric fencing that will last – and let you get back to that nap in the easy chair.  FG

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Part 1: Ross discusses best practices for building electric fences, including the H-brace.


Part 2: Ross explains the benefits of different electric-fencing wires, permanent or temporary posts and supplies.


Part 3: Ross demonstrates how to maintain your electric fence with fault finders, charge monitoring and remote energizing devices.