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Quotes & Concepts: Everything has its limit

Contributed by D.M. Ball Published on 26 February 2016

‘Everything has its limit – iron ore cannot be educated into gold.’ —Mark Twain

Everything has boundaries. While some limitations can be stretched, there are points beyond which no amount of training, adjusting, modifying or educating can reasonably alter a boundary.

We have become far more knowledgeable about weather prediction, but knowledge will not change an arid climate to a well-watered one. Plant breeding has provided us with greatly improved varieties, and more will come, but it is only one tool among many that must be used to accomplish our objectives.

We must recognize limits, change tools and work within boundaries; we can sometimes expand boundaries, but we should not have unrealistic expectations.  FG

From Forage-Livestock Quotes and Concepts, D.M. Ball, et. al,