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Manage employees, analyze yield drivers, explore forage markets, become more confident in preparing farm financial statements, and untangle farm succession issues.


Forage management strategies are as varied as the farmers who grow the forages.

“Despite differing management plans, there are a few key concepts to remember with the advent of fall,” says a University of Missouri Extension agronomy specialist.

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The last few years have been difficult ones for hay producers.

Regardless if someone is producing hay to feed to their own stock or producing it for sale to the public, the economics of hay production have changed drastically in the last several years. As a result, many producers are now taking a long-overdue look at the economics of hay production.

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Selling versus marketing
First, let’s make a distinction between selling and marketing.

These two terms are frequently used interchangeably, but the processes are quite different. Selling is defined simply as the exchange or delivery of goods and services to a customer for a negotiated price.

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As a buyer or seller of hay, what works for you?

In the end, the buyer and seller are working towards a price that gives both a reasonable chance to make a living – a return for their share in labor, management, capital and risk.

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Top-quality, consistent forage is a substantial investment that affects the bottom line. Missing quality parameters can have a devastating effect on milk production and profitability.

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It’s World Ag Expo time again. I know that my wife is most looking forward to this year’s show because I won’t have to be absent on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure that might be a benefit to other producers, vendors and attendees. Here’s the top 3 reasons I’m looking forward to attending this year’s show.

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