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Manage employees, analyze yield drivers, explore forage markets, become more confident in preparing farm financial statements, and untangle farm succession issues.


Once I visited the farm of a close friend of mine whom I’ll call John (not his real name). Since John wasn’t at his computer (the usual spot I could find him on a Saturday morning) I went around to the back porch and found him slouched over, holding his head in both hands, gazing at the ground.

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Farming is often characterized as a career for rugged individualists. Nevertheless, more and more farms are run by multiple decision makers.

Having multiple decision makers – such as family, friends, neighbors or strictly business partners – manage a farm requires an understanding of how to operate as a team.

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A farm or homestead map is a valuable tool for managing and protecting the natural resources on or near your farm property. Understanding where creeks, wetlands, ponds and wells are in relation to livestock pens, barns, manure storage or septic systems is a major first step to protecting water quality on the farm and in the community.

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