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Ag Flag: A simple idea for irrigation management

Ag Flag Published on 24 February 2011
Ag Flag

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.

Mike Hansen’s wife kept asking him if there was any way he could stop flooding the driveway at the end of their pasture. 

And he wondered if there was any way to accomplish that without making multiple trips to the field to check on the water’s progress.

With these questions in mind, the concept for Ag Flag was born. This simple, inexpensive product was designed for managers to know when their flood irrigation water reached the “shutoff location” at the end of the field or row.

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The Ag Flag kit includes a heavy-duty plastic stake with a tethered steel spike, a 5-foot tall fiberglass flagpole, a bright orange flag and a reflector strip at the top. Also included are patented paper release strips.
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To use, a stake is driven into the soil at the water shutoff location. Then a flagpole is placed into the hole in the stake. Using the heavy fishing line attached to determine the correct distance away to place your flag, the pole is bent and attached to the ground with the tethered spike and the paper release strip.

As the floodwater makes contact with the paper release strip, the paper will dissolve and tear, allowing the flag to pop up. This signals that the water has arrived, and it is time to change the water to the next set or shut it off completely.

Since the flag is a bright orange color and stands 5-feet high, it can been seen from a long distance, up to a mile away. While irrigating at night, the reflective tape on the flag allows viewing of the flag with a good flashlight or the headlights on a vehicle. The Ag Flag is a reusable tool that can last for multiple irrigation seasons.World Ag-Expo new product
Since the correct amount of water on your crop is vital, use of the Ag Flag can save time and money. The high visibility of the flag allows the irrigator to monitor the water being applied from a distance. And less wasted water means more efficient irrigation and a higher crop yield and quality.

First marketed in 2010, this simple but effective tool was awarded the honor of being one of the “Top 10 New Products” at World Ag Expo 2011 and received the "Attendees' Choice New Product award at the close of the show.

To view a demonstration video showing how to use the Ag Flag,
visit, or call 800-320-4625 for more information.  FG

PHOTO A flag is set in the field. When the water reaches this area, the flag will pop up. Photo courtesy of Ag Flag.