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Video: Round bale sampling

Published on 18 October 2019

Nick Simmons, Escambia County extension specialist in Florida, opens a new video series called "In The Field." Episode 1 in the series depicts proper hay sampling of round bales, beneficial to producers and buyers.

Simmons says, "I think most producers don’t take the time to sample. It’s fairly easy as demonstrated in the video; it’s just getting them to take the time to prioritize getting the sample. Then, I believe that most don’t get a good representation of their product; either they don’t take enough samples, take poor samples, or they blend cuttings and don’t separate the various hay samples they have. Ideally, they would take samples from each cutting, from each field and from multiple bales. Some producers also will send in a pull sample; this is not a good representation of the hay."

It's a short five-minute video, and it's well worth the time to watch whether you're new to hay production, need to check your technique or teach others.  end mark

PHOTO: Courtesy photo.

Click here to watch the video.