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Video: First portable hay dryer hits the U.S.

Progressive Forage Editor Lynn Jaynes Published on 01 November 2018

You might think getting hay dry in the arid West wouldn’t be a problem, but with afternoon thundershowers, it is often difficult. Finally, producers have an alternative to drying windrows to 12 percent moisture for baling. Instead, they can bale at 20 percent moisture with the assistance of a portable bale dryer.

Emil Gulbranson, originator and manufacturer of the Maximizer bale dryer, sold the first U.S. unit to Cook Farms in eastern Idaho for use in the 2018 hay season. A Canadian hay producer himself, Gulbranson took a heavy hit during a wet hay season and knew there had to be a better way. His better way became a 90-foot-long unit that generates temperatures 100 degrees above ambient temperature and injects the heated air directly into six large bales at a time.

For more information on this unique unit, read “Two new machines rolling into hay fields” and watch a short video of the operation below.  end mark