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Video: Double baler – they said it wouldn’t work

Progressive Forage Editor Lynn Jaynes Published on 03 December 2018

It’s hard for Jason Grady of J&M Baling in New Mexico to put his finger on the exact day the idea came to him. But when the idea came, he knew it would work. That idea, followed by a crude, “pretty ugly” prototype, and a few years of modifications have finally paid off as the Twin Pak double baler is in its final season of beta testing.

The Twin Pak, expected to be available on the market in 2019, uses a large-bale pickup system, creates a large bale, then slices the bale in half, creating two three-string bales for the small square bale market. Grady has used the Twin Pak now for two seasons in their own custom haying operation, which includes a baling contract for 23,000 acres of hay owned by Navajo Agricultural Products Industry in New Mexico. The Twin Pak replaces the self-propelled Freeman balers that J&M Baling has utilized for decades.

The onboard computer system gives small square hay makers the precision and functionality of technology developed for large square balers. It gives a moisture reading, hydraulic temperature, flake count, sets pressure on the tension and more.

See the Twin Pak in operation in the video below, and read more about this machine here.  end mark