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Buying new hay or silage equipment? Having maintenance issues? Want to learn equipment tips to increase efficiency? We can help with your equipment decisions.


We are all familiar with the old saying that “Good fences make good neighbors.”

Although this is true in most cases, other benefits must not be overlooked.

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In terms of efficiency and effectiveness, few tasks on a farm match preventive maintenance of machinery.

Dedicating time to preventing damage can keep all components of a job in working order; as harvest season looms for hay and forage growers, these preventive maintenance steps can provide optimized use of time in the field.

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The economical use of original high-quality cutting components and wear parts can be considerably improved by proper maintenance and handling.

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0513fg_forageforum_2How do you take a 3x3x8 square bale and convert it to two-string bales?

According to Roger Littlefield of Highland, Utah, you ask
inventor Sam Esh, of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to demonstrate his Bale Destroyer, which does exactly that.

But wait, it gets better ­–

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Tier 4 regulations for off-road diesel engines in order to create cleaner air is not a new issue. We’ve all watched the agricultural equipment industry – specifically tractor manufacturers – change their engine packages drastically over the past few years to meet the stringent regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the European Union.

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Before you know it, the sun will be shining and hay will be lying in the field ready to be baled. Does your normal spring round baler start-up procedure go something like this?

Connect round baler to tractor. Turn on the PTO and hope something doesn’t break.

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