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Erica Louder

Erica Louder is a farmer, mother, parts runner, veterinarian’s wife, lending professional and ag educator … not necessarily in that order, but then it depends on which day you ask. Her Outside Eden blogs help us look at everyday rural life and conversations with fresh perspective and a little humor.


My granddad’s favorite way to describe his “spare tire” was that he had a bad case of “water on the belly.” Now certainly, this was not a physiologically accurate diagnosis, but people understood what he meant. Grandpa’s extra 15 pounds he put on most winters settled right on his gut.

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The Idaho Farm and Ranch Museum holds a Live History Day every September. At this event they showcase the history of rural Idaho, complete with their replica “provin’ up” shed and enough cream separators to supply butter to all of Jerome County.

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“Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you are a thousand miles away from the cornfield.” When Einsenhower gave this speech, he didn’t have this hopeful farm girl in mind, but recently I learned he should have.

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