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Top online articles of 2020

Compiled by Progressive Forage staff Published on 07 December 2020

Every year, we take time to review the articles that received the most attention on our website. Here are the top 10 articles online for 2020, chosen by Progressive Forage readers.

1. Bale grazing – more than just a labor saver

2. The Hay Barn: Cutting hay, cutting the middleman

3. Establishing alfalfa using no-till

4. When do I start to lose money on fertilizer applications?

5. If you’re on the fence, consider alfalfa

6. Edible, wax-based silage sealant may soon eliminate waste

7. Four common mistakes for forage samples

8. Winter forages: What are my options?

9. 5 adverse silage scenarios and how to deal with them

10. What’s the payout: Using glyphosate-resistant alfalfa in grass mixtures

Did your favorite make the cut? Let us know your thoughts and if you have any ideas for 2021 by emailing us with the details.  end mark