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Say yes

Progressive Forage Editor Joy Hendrix Published on 29 April 2022

How many times a day do you answer no to a question? How many times a day do you say no by not saying yes?

I’m not sure how many times a day I say no, but considering I’m raising a toddler who is just learning the basics of communication, one of us is constantly saying no. Our current household conversations have forced me to take on a new viewpoint on how a simple yes or no can set the trajectory for an entire mindset.

Currently, my toddler shakes his head no constantly. Does the kid who is always hungry want a snack? No. Does the kid who hits the windows until someone lets him outside want to go outside? No. Don’t even bother asking if he wants one of his favorite toys; he will just insistently shake his head no.

It’s easy to get frustrated with his lack of understanding, but in his very young mind, I understand how scary it can be to say yes.

Saying yes means agreeing to the unknown. My son doesn’t understand that he does want to agree to what we are offering him, but saying yes is consenting to an action he doesn’t fully understand.

Now, I understand this is a very simple analogy involving a very dramatic toddler, but how often are our motivations for saying no oversimplified as well?

The Progressive Forage website is currently running a poll that asks: “Are you trying any new crops or rotations this year?” The answer options are:

  • Yes – everything is new
  • A few acres of new, but most of it is the same
  • No – nothing new at all

Three days of being live and being pushed out in our newsletter, 60% of the votes are for nothing new at all. Now, if that is your answer, and your reasoning is because you have found the perfect formula for your operation, I applaud you. Everything being new is a bit of an extreme choice, but the courage to start from scratch is something to be admired. Are you in the 30% that is trying something new? If not, why?

Saying yes to new things can be intimidating. It forces you to display some vulnerability by not being the most experienced guy in the room. Saying yes can also expose you to opportunities that can change you for the better.

Start with small change; it doesn’t have to be as drastic as trying a new crop. Say yes to trying a new dish at a local restaurant or take a trip with your family for new experiences. Saying yes can be one small movement towards a much bigger change in your life.

After all, you never know when you could look back and laugh at what you constantly said no to. You just may not realize that what you are being offered is a favorite of yours down the road. end mark

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