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Progressive Forage editor Joy Hendrix was raised on a multi-generational family farm and ranch in southeastern New Mexico. Growing up raising heifers in 4-H and reciting speeches while wearing blue corduroy she knew she never wanted to leave this industry.


As any producer would tell you, sometimes the only way to get a job done is to pull on your boots and get to work.

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It’s my professional duty to pry.

Quite often, someone will say, “You’ve got to come see my …” – meaning their new invention, their operation, their business model or their product. It runs against my editorial grain to promote any element, so we (as an editorial team) are pretty careful in the writing approach to these “front” stories, as I call them.

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I’m sorry to interrupt. Excuse me. Pardon the interruption.

A story is told of Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise, who was asked to speak at an anti-Nazi meeting in Brooklyn, whereupon he received numerous threatening letters, stating he would be killed if he attended or sought to address the rally.

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“I love waiting,” said no one ever. But maybe they should.

When we sit waiting for a baler to be fixed, we may check our phones, emails or social media (if we’re lucky enough to get cell service in the field) or maybe even read the seed flyer now faded and stuck on the dashboard.

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History tags him as the giant collector. His name was Fredrick the First of Prussia, and he had a passion for giant soldiers, which he collected from throughout England.

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Should I plant low-lignin alfalfa? Can I afford to hire another employee? Can I not afford to hire another employee? Should I buy the neighboring property? Can I justify a new rake? What about a hay barn? Is it time for me to sell out?

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