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Growing the numbers

Progressive Forage Grower Editor Lynn Jaynes Published on 30 March 2016

Let me throw out some random numbers. The number 33. It represents the percentage increase of smartphone users since 2011. The number 68. It represents the percentage of adults in the U.S. who have a smartphone.

So says Pew Research Center. Smartphone ownership ranges from 86 percent of those aged 18 to 29 and 38 percent of adults aged 30 to 49.

How about the number three. The growth rate of adults using an online or mobile dating site in the 18- to 24-year-old age group has increased nearly threefold since 2013, while usage by 55- to 64-year-olds has doubled.

Now let’s bring it around to agriculture: the number 36. That’s at least the number of times my husband has reminded me over the years of the one time I drove through the farmyard with the disc down, leaving forever furrows in the driveway.

The number four. Many years ago, I shared a family milk cow with my sister’s family, and that cow produced enough milk for her family, my family and four nurse calves. Four! I miss that cow. She taught my son Homer lots of patience.

One more: the number two. Three years ago, when I told my non-ag friends that I was moving to Progressive Forage Grower, one of the comments was, “Are you sure that’s wise? Aren’t newspapers and magazines folding right and left?”

Well, it was beyond wise. In fact, we have done nothing but grow, and two represents the number of editors we recently added to our lineup.

From now on, you’ll see sprinkled throughout each issue articles from two editors new to Progressive Publishing – Dave Natzke and Cassidy Woolsey. Let me introduce them to you.

Raised on a northeast Wisconsin dairy farm, Natzke brings decades of agricultural and dairy journalism experience to our ranks. He previously served as editor and editorial director for two other national dairy publications (DairyBusiness Communications and Dairy Herd Management).

Prior to that, he served as managing editor of two weekly agricultural newspapers in Wisconsin, adding up to more than 36 years of experience covering agriculture and the dairy industry.

Natzke will be involved across all of the Progressive Publishing formats – Progressive Forage Grower, Progressive Dairyman and Progressive Cattleman.

“I’m excited to join the team at Progressive Publishing,” Natzke says. “Their mission statement is closely aligned with what I’ve always believed a publication’s role should be in serving dairy producers. With its editorial and marketing staffs, scope of coverage and frequency, Progressive publications provides new challenges and opportunities for me.”

Natzke and his wife, Vicki, have two sons and two grandchildren, and he is based in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Cassidy Woolsey interned with Progressive Cattleman two summers ago, and almost immediately we recognized her potential as a writer, appreciated her grasp of the industry and tagged her as a possible future staff member.

Woolsey grew up on a small cow-calf operation in northern Utah. She joined us in January upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural communications and journalism at Utah State University, while working part-time as a freelancer.

Woolsey says, “I’ve always been what you could call a ‘nerd’ when it comes to agriculture. As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed learning and taking part in the industry. Like many farm kids, I tagged along with my dad more often than not, participated in 4-H and FFA programs, cried when I sold my first show steer (Bubba) and went on to marry into another farming family. My husband and I have started our own little cow herd.”

Woolsey will be involved in both Progressive Forage Grower and Progressive Cattleman magazines. These folks will also be helping by attending and covering industry shows and events, so watch for their faces and take the opportunity to meet them in person.

One last number: 635491 (I think). It represents nothing but the code it takes to unlock my smartphone, which I can never remember. Let’s see Pew Research Center study that.  FG

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