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A farmer’s spring cleaning checklist

Progressive Forage Editor Joy Hendrix Published on 31 March 2022

Rejoice! For the long-awaited rejuvenation that comes with spring is here. The days are waxing, and the plants are greening. The anticipation is mounting, and those with so much at stake this growing season are on the edge of their seats.

While I’m sure you are anxious to start working in the fields, now is the time to go through your checklist and make sure you are as efficient as possible with your processes. Your checklist may look a bit different than a traditional spring cleaning list, but the importance of taking the time to reset before the busy season is just as important. Here are a few things to make sure are on your not-so-traditional spring cleaning list:

1. Declutter the toolbox

Take the time to organize the tools and take inventory of what may be broken or need repairs. Tense situations will be made easier on everyone if the right tools can be found in a timely manner and in good condition.

2. Restock the twine

Anything you use often and will have to change out frequently should be fully stocked and ready to grab at a moment’s notice. Nothing is more frustrating than discovering you need to stop production because you didn’t get to the hardware store in time.

3. Take out the trash

Go through highly trafficked areas and pick up all the trash that can be easily overlooked. The granola bar wrappers that have been absentmindedly shoved on the upper shelves can be safely thrown away at this point.

4. Vacuum the tractor cabs

While a deep detail may be nice, running your home vacuum over the cab a few times to lift the layers of dirt can do wonders for the feeling of cleanliness without the expense. Make sure to get the cobwebs out of the air vents and, if you are feeling really fancy, feel free to add the classic dollar store air freshener in the shape of a tree.

5. Replace any lightbulbs and batteries

Change the batteries in any smoke or carbon monoxide detectors that may be low (or already dead). The beeping of a low battery can be more annoying if you hear it while trying to change a tractor tire as fast as a NASCAR pit crew so you can get back in the field.

6. Charge your power tools

Have you ever had to turn a screw by hand because your drill was dead? Nothing kills productivity like the frustration of not being prepared.

7. Clear the air

Now is the time to sit down with your employees and management team to get everyone on the same page. Make sure expectations of who oversees specific jobs are communicated so there isn’t any confusion in the middle of busy season.

What else is on your list? Cross it off and call it good. Gear up for the season and don’t forget to spend some time with your family. Happy planting season from all of us here at Progressive Forage.  end mark

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