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Editor's notes: Legacies and leaps

Darren Olsen, Editor Published on 05 June 2009

For ten years now, Progressive Hay Grower has been a part of bringing our readers information about quality hay production throughout the U.S.

Over that time, the number of people receiving the magazine has grown from just over 6,000 to its current number of 35,000 recipients. It has been a great run of growth and hopefully, help to everyone who receives it.

With that past growth and experience gained, we are now in the process of bringing even more information to our readers and expanding our editorial coverage.

Staring with our August issue, Progressive Hay Grower will be expanding its focus to all things forage – hay, silage and pasture.

With this expansion will come some new features to look forward to:

  • New name: Progressive Hay Grower will be replaced with Progressive Forage Grower. The change in name reflects our commitment to bringing the information readers have been asking for.

    Many people who receive our magazine grow more than just hay and our new focus will bring more information needed in making quality growing decisions with all the forages they produce.

  • Editorial focus: As stated above, in order to bring better forage coverage, our editorial will expand to meet those needs.

    With that will come regionalized information, realizing that growing forage in the Southeast is a little different than the Midwest. In order to do this, our typical 32-page magazine will be growing in size.

In addition, the three areas of forage production – hay, silage and pasture – will each receive continual coverage in the magazine. It takes all three to feed cattle, horses, sheep, goats and many other economically important animal groups.

  • More issues: Because we want to be sure to cover information when it is most important to growers, we are expanding our issues from six to eight a year.

    Between the issue size increase and the total number coming to you each year, you can expect nearly double the information on forage production coming to your business.

  • E-newsletter: With the increase in information flowing though our office, Progressive Forage Grower will be sending out an e-newsletter consistently.

    Inside, up-to-date market reports, insect scoutings, weather reports and timely features will give you a continual flow of information to make the best decisions possible for quality and profitability.

In order to make all of this happen, I am asking the readers of this magazine to do one thing. In the center of this issue is a subscription application and small survey.

I am asking everyone to fill it out and send it back in for two reasons. First, our circulation department likes to hear from you once in awhile.

By doing so, we are able to continue to bring you this information without any interruptions. Second, the survey information helps guide our editorial team in providing the content that best meets the ongoing needs of our readers. We wish to continue to deliver the best information available about forage production – and your response helps tie it all together.

Well, the cat is out of the bag. It’s official. We are moving forward, bringing the latest information on forage production to all our readers. We are excited for what is to come and look forward to the leap ahead.  FG

Darren Olsen