In your own words... What is your favorite piece of forage-producing equipment?

Published on 31 May 2010

“My favorite piece of equipment is a big baler. It is the most efficient way to get up hay quickly and it wouldn’t be the same without my Massey Ferguson 2170. I get my equipment from a number of different dealers and companies, as I have found each one has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to putting up hay.”

Ronny Burrows
Lovelock, Nevada







“My favorite piece of forage equipment is our Stinger stacker. It is one of the most efficient ways to move hay and get it where it needs to go. It only takes one person to operate and can easily keep up with the two balers we have going when we are really moving through hay. I have found them to be really reliable and hold their value well.”

Ben McEntyre
Caldwell, Idaho






“The biggest thing we rely on isn’t a piece of equipment, it is current market information to help us determine where to set prices and see if we will either be gaining or losing money as the year progresses. We subscribe to a market service and also check several periodicals and Internet sources to verify the information.”

Jim Moyle
Eureka, Nevada






“My favorite piece of forage equipment is my John Deere 467 small baler. It makes a nice, pretty bale that puts out a great product when it comes to impressing people in the horse hay market or those really hooked on aesthetics. I don’t use it as much as I used to, but nothing beats the final results coming out of it.”

Drex Gauntt
Kennewick, Washington



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